Small Business Facebook Marketing Guide!

by Brionix

Facebook Marketing Book

Facebook Marketing Book by Brian Maroevich

My new Facebook Marketing Book is called: Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses!

It’s a step by step guide that shows you how to get a social media marketing campaign up and running properly, and how to use Facebook advertising to get instant fans, leads, or new clients.

Look. Facebook is not user-friendly. It’s confusing! And it is getting more confusing.

I started using Facebook over three years ago. I had no clue how it worked.  So instead of fighting it, early on I focused on their advertising platform and found it to be fairly straight forward for a marketing guy like myself…

But the hard part of Facebook was the social media side. I did not have a clue how this was supposed to work. I found to be confusing using it for personal level, sharing pictures, tagging photos, sharing links etc. I could not navigate the site very well and when it came to using it for business…forget about it!

But I kept reading books and studying other marketers online.  I read hundreds of dollars with of books on Facebook marketing, and they just further confused me. I don’t think very many people really get the social media side of Facebook for business.

I Finally Got It!

It wasn’t easy because I had to find the right people to show me how social media marketing really works, and that was a struggle. But now I know it well enough to make it really simple for you to understand and get started on a very smart and efficient Facebook social media marketing campaign.

In addition, I will show you how the Facebook advertising platform works and how to target your ideal prospects for your small business locally, nationally, or world wide.

Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses is not the going to be the only guide you need to master Facebook. But it will erase the confusion of Facebook and you will learn how to leverage it to your advantage both on the social media side, and the advertising side using specific examples that you can model.

Get Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses for .99 (a $19.95 value!) now.

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