• Google Places Listing Analysis and Update or Customization: You absolutley will get crushed by your competition if you don’t take advantage of this. Contact me for details. 
  • Video Creation: To boost rankings on your Google Places account you need a at least one video uploaded. You will also need pictures. Since our videos are mostly just images with text and music (which is all you need for starters) I can have this done for a very small fee. These videos are created fast, and they look great. After you get these up you may want to create more advanced videos and we can assist you with that as well. But for now keep it simple. Just $97 for basic video services as described. Or we can do an advanced video marketing package for you as well.
  • Mobile Website: If you don’t have a mobile website you are missing out on customers who are probably searching for your business or a related business as we speak. And if they find your competitor first because they have a mobile site set up, you just let a customer slip through your fingers. A basic Mobile Website is just $217 for limited time (plus $14.95 per month hosting). Or we can optimize your current site for mobile. This requires custom programing. Contact us for additional information.
  • Facebook Fanpage: Facebook is not just for the kids anymore. Big business is investing millions in Social Media Marketing because that is where everyone is flocking. Facebook has over 700 million subscribers! That’s more people than the United States and several other countries combined. A Facebook (Business) Fanpage is an absolute must…a quality Fanpage. Building it the right way for search engine optimization and to generate new business is a hidden art form. There’s a lot going on behind the successful ones, and we know the secrets. So for just $195 we will create a killer Fanpage for your business that will not just sit there and stagnate. We will build it so that it helps you grow your business. Or buy my Facebook Marketing Guide For Small Businesses.
  • Social Media Marketing: If you want a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Strategy then I recommend our Discover Session. Contact me for details on this.
  • Website Analysis: Do you want your website to really start making money and take advantage of our free website analysis.
  • Custom Built Website: If you don’t have a website or you want a new one that is Search Engine Optimized (SE) contact us right away and we will arrange a time to discuss your project.
  • SEO: It’s one thing to build a site but it’s another to get it ranked and bringing traffic in from organic (free) search results. We can customize a package for your business. This requires a short consultation (which is free).
  • One On One Consultation: I’ve been a direct marketing student and practitioner for over 14 years, and marketing online for 12 years. In addition, my wife and I own our own retail businesses. I know my stuff. Prices vary from $100 – $250 per hour. Contact me for pricing and more details.

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Here’s What Some Clients and Customers Are Saying About My Marketing:

“I was barely breaking even until I used your strategies. I earned an extra $35,000.00 during the last 3 and a half months of ’97, and now I expect to make $500,000.00 a year! Plus, I cut my marketing costs in half, I spend less time prospecting, and I work less!”

Michael Heymans
Diamond Bar, CA.

“The copywriting world is full of pie-in-the-sky “fluff” marketers. I’m not impressed with promises until I have tested them in a practical way. I tested 3 specific techniques in my advertising copy that I learned from Brian when I wrote the sales letter for my “Secrets to an Antique Fortune” mail order course. I made some changes and received an average of 15% per thousand! The test was small, but my results were HUGE in comparison with the pull of the previous letter I used BEFORE implementing the techniques I learned from Brian. In mail-order, the numbers don’t lie! The 15% response that I received from implementing just these 3 simple techniques made a believer out of me!”

Michael Temple, Plymouth, NY

“The results were phenomenal! I mailed just 30 letters, didn’t make one follow up call, and made $3,600 in two weeks!”

Matt Stracner, San Diego, CA

“Great material – I’m going to DOUBLE my business in the next year!”

A. Brown, Financial Planner. NJ.

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