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Local Marketing Strategies:

Marketing Ideas

Local marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, the simpler you make it the better it can be.

The best strategies for acquiring new clients or customers can be as simple as using your local coupon book, direct mail, or using cutting edge marketing strategies like Facebook advertising and text message marketing.

Where Do You Start? What Is Best For Your Business?

Unless I was sitting in front of you and analyzing what you are doing currently in terms of local internet marketing, offline marketing, understanding what your business sells, and what you want to accomplish,  it would be difficult to say exactly what three or four strategies you should implement. But if you…

…Twisted My Arm!

If you twisted my arm and said, ‘Brian, what are the top 5 local marketing strategies I should do today’, I would choose these 7 local marketing ideas and proven techniques (click on each strategy for details on how to implement each one):

More Free Local Marketing Ideas!

Build your own lists. This should be your main focus when it comes to any and all strategies you put into place. Why keep spending money on advertising to get new customers in if you aren’t getting them to come back and spend more?

You should have:

  • A customer or client list (people or businesses that have bought from you or are currently buying from you).
  • A list of leads (people or businesses that have inquired with your business but have not actually bought anything).

Side Bar: You can buy direct mail lists, and you can even buy email lists (not recommended). Buying and mailing to direct mail lists locally is an advanced technique and is something you should test later. I will get into that in another article (direct mail is still a very good local marketing strategy).

Two New Strategies You Should Test!Increase Local Sales

I have two new strategies that are proven to get new customers in the door. These work especially well for salons, food and restaurant marketing, and any business that can offer a coupon.

  • Fan Page Lead Generation – Get Traffic To Your Facebook Fan Page and Turn ‘Likes’ or ‘Fans’ Into Customers!

  • SMS Text Message Marketing – Get Customers In The Door For Pennies On The Dollar. Great For Slow Days!

For information on these proven strategies contact my local marketing company (me) right away. I am certain you will not only be excited about the opportunity to get more customers, you will blow away. If you are not I’ll eat a bug 😉

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