Is Postcard Marketing Effective?

by Brionix

A lot of people think that direct mail marketing involves letters and postcards – most of the time this is true. However, there is not much you can say in a postcard than with a traditional mail. This seemingly small piece of paper is still powerful in its own way, nonetheless.


The postcard mailing campaign can be 40% more affordable than doing the traditional mail marketing.

In other words, you will only be paying as low as $1.80 per person instead of the $3 each. Looking at it closely, it is a big difference and the net goes directly to you.

Sending out postcards allow you to reach more people and still achieve a high margin of profit even though the response rate is low.

How Do You Use Postcards Effectively?

Postcards should not be used to sell your products. If you have a product that sells $69.99 in addition to the monthly subscription, this should be sold separately through a mailer or multi-step mailer.

However, you can use postcards to test a list or message in an affordable way. This way, you can get an idea whether you’re looking at a working list at a cheaper cost or not.

Lead generation is also possible through the use of postcards as well as driving traffic to a website or a call-in number. If you compare it to the standard mail, the cost per lead is much lower.

Things to Avoid with Postcards

Heavy marketing that depicts you as a screaming salesman is the first thing you should avoid. In other words, you shouldn’t include terms like all-caps and bold “40% OFF” or the big red headlines.

The reason why you shouldn’t do this is that your postcards are at risk of getting thrown out of the post office especially if you’re coming too heavy on the marketing. Another reason is that a lot of people sort mails over their trash cans ready to throw mails that look like junk.

If you want to make the most of your postcard, make it look and sound like it was from a friend. It is recommended that the cursive writing is printed, avoid using headlines and do not make it look like marketing mail.

A first class stamp is also recommended – which is not the printed one but real stamp. This helps your postcards pass through the post office and read by your recipient.

You could try utilizing different sizes on the cards since unusual sizes tend to look less marketing-like. Some extra sized postcards and its complete opposite often catch attention.

If you want to be successful in mailing postcards, it is important that you possess a slightly different mindset than if you’re going to send a direct mail. The goal of sending direct mail is to create a sales letter and get as much hits as possible.

On the other hand, the postcard’s goal is to tease interest without giving too much at one time. You could either set this goal by obtaining their address or perhaps their email so you can use it to hit them with much bolder marketing message via a different method.

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