Baby Boomer Marketing Guide!

by Brionix

baby boomer coupleHow To Target Baby Boomers And Get Them To Become Loyal Raving Fans Of Your Local Business!

By Brian Maroevich

For the next 19 years a Baby Boomer will turn 60 every 7.5 seconds, and 27% of the US population will be between the ages of 60-65 over the next two decades.

In this article I will discuss some simple but effective ways to market to baby boomers in your local market. I am going to use spa services such as Light Therapy and Hydrotherapy. These are only example products and services but you can easily model the tips and techniques for your small business. If you have a quetion post it below.

Baby Boomer Marketing Step 1: Know Your Market.

Baby Boomers are affluent, but they are not what you might think of as an ‘older’ generation. They do not see themselves as ‘old’ or ‘slowing down’. Quite the opposite in fact. Baby Boomers are buying second homes, starting second careers, and even starting new families.

Knowing your market is important because it will help you craft a message that appeals to them and gets them to respond.

Baby Boomer Marketing Step 2: What They Really Want.

According to Ken Grobach, author of “Common Census: Counterintuitive Guide To Generational Marketing, Boomers want only three things:

  1. Life made easy
  2. Time saved
  3. Not to be ripped off

This is powerful information and it’s a roadmap to creating an effective marketing campaign that targets Boomers.

But before you start writing an ad, first you need to figure out what products or services you think they want, and how you are going to reach this affluent demographic.

Baby Boomer Marketing Step 3: Finding Boomers.

Ask yourself two questions. What are Boomers reading, and where are they hanging out?

  • You might find Boomers at the golf course, rod and gun clubs, bicycle clubs, yacht clubs, arts and crafts events, gardening, or attending cooking classes. What clubs in your area offer these leisure activities? Many of these clubs have newsletters and websites that you can advertise in.
  • You can also rent lists that fit the Boomer demographic and test a direct mail offer. SIDE BAR: List renting secret – Get a response driven list, and not a compiled list, if possible. Basically, response driven lists are people who have bought or actually responded to an offer similar to one you are crafting.
  • Also, you can begin a pay per click (PPC) campaign and target people who are specifically searching for your products or services (and related) in your area. This can be a very lucrative opportunity. But you have to do it right. There are many pitfalls you can fall into, which will waste your time and money.
  • Are Boomers reading the newspaper regularly? If so, what section are they most likely to read? Are inserts worth a test? Newspaper advertising is expensive, but if you have the budget and you find a winning formula in your advertising, this could be a prosperous media to exploit.
  • Set up joint ventures (JV’s) with businesses that cater to the Boomer demographic. You can rent their lists, trade lists, ask them to endorse you to their list, or create a special event just for their customers i.e. seminars etc. JV’s are one of the easiest, low cost marketing opportunities available to you. It can also be one of the most prosperous.
  • Radio and TV is not out of the question either. If you can afford advertising on the radio or TV, you should test an ad on a station that targets the Boomer demographic. Research the stations well, and craft a very compelling offer. This requires a little more patience (and money) than other advertising venues.
  • Set up a mobile phone marketing campaign for your local market through Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo. Select the right keywords for your market, and send them to a mobile landing page.

Baby Boomer Marketing Step 4: How To Craft Your Marketing Piece.

baby boomers

Now that you found several ways to target the Boomer market, it’s time to create a marketing message that will, hopefully, appeal to them. Remember, we are keeping in mind Ken Grobach’s advice above; they don’t want to waste their time, they want it to be easy, and they don’t want to be ripped off.

As I described above I am selecting Light Therapy and Hydrotherapy spa services as an example. I chose this because it is a challenging service to market and I think it’s a good example that many local businesses can model.

First, we need a headline for our advertisement. OK, so what is the main benefit of Hydrotherapy and Light Therapy, and why will a Boomer care? Could it be because Hydrotherapy will make your skin softer than ever before and help you achieve a more youthful glow? Will it help them ease pain from stiff joints and arthritis? What about relief from dry itchy skin? As we get older our skin is less oily and tends to thin. If it is not treated regularly it can result in dry itchy skin.

Light Therapy has been used to treat psoriasis and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  It can also reduce sunspots, soften wrinkles, and create a more youthful appearance.

All of these benefits have the potential to appeal to Boomers.

Now that we have an idea of what might draw the attention of a Boomer, here is an example of small one-step ad targeting Baby Boomers for Hydrotherapy:

Headline: Is Dry Itchy Skin Making You Feel 10 Years Older?

Opening: (Name of treatment) Hydrotherapy is a proven alternative to expensive moisturizers and anti aging products. Finally get relief from annoying dry itchy skin without messy gels and creams, and get that youthful glow back to your skin, guaranteed.

Testimonial: Include two or three testimonials that support your claim.

Offer: Half Off Your First (name of treatment) Hydrotherapy! Normally we charge $25.00 for one (name of treatment) Hydrotherapy. But with this ad you can try it for just $12.50!

Alternate Offers: Buy 1 (name of treatment) Get 1 Free. Free (name of treatment). Bring A Friend Get Your Free.

Expiration date: No offer is complete without a deadline. Without a deadline date, people will take their time and eventually forget.

Guarantee (remember, Boomers don’t want to waste their time and they don’t want to get ripped off): Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. I am so confident that you will be excited by the results of your first (name of treatment) Hydrotherapy session that I know you will want to come back and do it again. If for some reason you are not satisfied, or you feel that it did not benefit you in any way, I will refund every penny you paid, no questions asked.

Call to action: Call Name Of Salon and make your appointment today: 555-555-5555. Walk in’s are welcome too! Here is our address: Name of salon, city, and landmark.

The only thing missing from the example is a picture. Do not use a picture of your product. Use a picture of someone in the demographic that looks happy. Or, better yet, use pictures of successful clientele along side their testimonials.

If you want to market Light Therapy, follow the exact same procedure as above. Only change the ad to reflect the benefit or benefits of Light Therapy. For example, if a more youthful appearance is the most appealing thing to Boomers in your area, make it the driving force. Or, if treating sunspots, wrinkles, psoriasis, or seasonal effective disorder (SAD) is important, write your ad to reflect those benefits.

Side Bar: With the advent of reviews sites such as Yelp, you may want show a 5 star rating from Yelp in you advertisement as well as Google (if you have 5. If you have 4 on one and 5 on another you can post that as well). It may improve response because these brands have credibility. it’s worth a test.

By the way, if you feel any of your ads are in the ‘gray area’ of providing medical advice you should run them by your attorney and/or create a disclaimer.

 Baby Boomer Marketing Step 6:  Summary.

The advertising example above is a basic formula for a successful ad, and it does need a little more work. But I think you get the idea. You have to create a reason to read the ad with a headline that appeals to your market, and then you have to support your claims, make an offer, and then guarantee it.

If you create the right marketing message for the Boomer market, follow the guidelines above for a successful advertisement, and reach Boomers through the right media (or JV partners) you will get results that will pay dividends.

Idea Update: Did you know Boomers are really into the Amazon Kindle?

The Kindle is an amazing ebook reading device (and much more).  Plus you save tons of money because why pay $9- $25 on a book when you can get a better ebook version for .99 cents to $5? Even free!

Here’s to ideas to consider: Boomers read a lot. So you can easily write an ebook or your own or hire a ghost writer to write one for you on a subject in your industry. Put it up for sale on Amazon, and get some reviews (it’s really easy). Now you can direct prospects and customers to your ebook on Amazon and claim author status which gives you major credibility.

Imagine being able to say something like, “John Smith, Contractor, and Author of the top selling Kindle Ebook “101 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home On A Shoestring Budget!”

By the way, here’s my authors page on Amazon. I’m an expert too 🙂

I am certain it will help your overall marketing because establishing yourself as an expert in your market is essential and this can do it literally overnight.

The Kindle is awesome. It really is…

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